Thursday, February 28, 2019

3 Top Reasons Why Field Management Software Works

Many businesses with outside staff are implementing field management software, especially due to the convenience of having an online tool to schedule customer calls that will be retrieved on the staff's mobile devices.

But beyond that, field management software can be a complete solution not only for scheduling but also for routing and reporting on customer calls, as well as a way to monitor the whereabouts of outside teams.

The most important reasons why field management software works are the following:

#1 GPS monitoring
GPS monitoring is the main reason why businesses implement field management software in the first place. It is only natural for supervisors to want to know the location of their team members throughout the day and a passive monitoring system through a mobile app saves a lot of time in phone calls and text messages.

#2 Reduced reporting time
It might seem counterintuitive, but implementing field management software actually reduces reporting time. While managers can generate more reports on team member activity, the time it takes to input data by those is greatly reduced since it is either done on a mobile app or captured automatically.

#3 Increased accountability
After GPS monitoring and reduced reporting time, the one thing that management notices by adopting field management software is the increased accountability from outside staff. This, in turn, will also help in improving the bottom-line and reducing employee turnover.

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Monday, February 11, 2019

How Does Sales Tracking Software Impact Rep Performance?

Sales tracking software has been getting many reviews these days, mostly positive and sometimes not so much. With the widespread use of these tools, sales reps have been vocal about feeling like they have "helicopter managers", especially considering that outside sales tends to attract people who value working independently.

But when managers look into rep performance after implementing sales tracking software, they will notice that the results are well worth it. The reasons why such an impact is noticeable are the following:

  • Increased compliance: With sales tracking software, it becomes virtually impossible for reps to skip customer visits or to incorrectly report their whereabouts due to the GPS monitoring capabilities of such apps.
  • Less downtime between calls and fuel savings: One of the best features of the more advanced sales tracking software solutions is that they allow reps to calculate the shortest customer route for the day and save travel time and fuel.
  • More sales: More customer-facing time means more opportunities for sales. With increased compliance and reduced travel time between calls, reps might add one or two more calls per day, therefore increasing their chances of closing more deals.
  • Sales rep satisfaction: Yes, that is correct. More than independent personalities, outside sales reps enjoy selling and receiving their commissions. 

So, while sales tracking software might be opposite to their nature, sales reps quickly see that such solutions greatly benefit their bottom line, with the added benefit of drastically reducing the time they spend reporting their activities.

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