Thursday, December 6, 2018

4 Essential Sales Rep Report Templates

Sales reps are mostly independent-natured, especially if they work on the field all day. Therefore, anything that has to do with sitting in a desk, filing paperwork, does not agree with a sales rep personality. However, reporting is how business is tracked, so skipping it is not an option.

Mobile rep tracking software has allowed field professionals to fill in their call information on their smartphones or tablets, saving time and effort, but - beyond that - also provides managers with the opportunity to generate real-time reports. Among the many sales rep report templates, the ones listed below are essential for sales managers to take charge of their field teams:

Activity report
This sales rep report template shows the customer calls performed during a time period and normally can be filtered by rep, team, customer or other variables.

Timesheet report 
Timesheet reports normally show the timestamps for the first customer check-in of the day, as well as for the last check-out. For management, this means having valuable knowledge on field rep activity, especially if they rarely, or never, stop by the office.

Visit summary report
As a sales rep report template, visit summary queries allow managers to get additional information on individual calls, such as any notes taken by the rep, mileage, photos, and expenses.

Photo reports
One of the greatest advantages of mobile rep tracking software solutions is the ability to take pictures. With those on the cloud, managers at the office can run photo reports to check for rep accountability and/or customer issues.

VisitEye is a mobile rep tracking software that allows you to customize the above sales rep report templates and create your own queries, in addition to providing an easy-to-use system for scheduling and tracking customer calls. See what VisitEye can do for your outside sales business: Sign up today for a free trial at

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