Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Increased Accountability with Employee GPS Tracking

Managing field teams can be overwhelming, especially considering that supervisors have little oversight into what field personnel is actually doing during the day. The issues that arise from this systemic lack of communication eventually lead to a breakdown in employment relations with loss of trust and eventual high turnover rates.

Employee GPS tracking can greatly help in improving communications between field teams and management. Just by installing an app on the employee's smartphone, from the office supervisors are able to keep an eye on daily team routes.

Beyond that, though, employee GPS tracking apps provide more than just location monitoring and include features such as:

  • Scheduling and routing of customer visits.
  • Capturing of visit information such as mileage, notes, pictures, and signatures.
  • Running reports on visit and employee data.

While field personnel might initially feel that this is a bit of management overreach, with an employee GPS tracking app installed on their mobile devices, they will be able to plan and optimize customer rounds to save time and money, prospect new customers and take visit notes and pictures, and reduce or even eliminate off-hours reporting.

All this increased - and streamlined - communication between field and office will lead to better accountability and healthier workplace relationships.

VisitEye is an easy-to-implement employee GPS tracking system that offers all the benefits listed above at an affordable price. The VisitEye mobile app is available as a free download both for Apple and Android devices, allowing workers to use their own smartphones or tablets.

You can try VisitEye for free by signing up at

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