Thursday, July 26, 2018

3 Extra Benefits of GPS Tracking for Sales Reps

GPS tracking for sales reps is one of those disruptive technologies that revolutionize the entire way a professional category works. Managing outside sales reps used to be quite complex, since they typically visit many customers every day and would only contact or stop by the office once or twice a day.

With GPS tracking for sales reps, managers can have - at any time - a clear vision of what is going on in the field. Through an online interface, they can see where their reps are and which customers are being visited.

However, more than simple GPS tracking for sales reps, many such apps available on the market today offer extra benefits, both for managers and reps alike, such as:

  • Call scheduling and routing: Many GPS tracking apps allow reps to plan and optimize their customer routes on their mobile devices, saving time and mileage.
  • More information with less paperwork: Implementing a GPS tracking app for sales reps can significantly increase customer-facing time, since it reduces rep paperwork by providing a mobile interface for inputting sales call data in addition to automatic timesheet information collection.
  • Agile reporting: With the real-time sales data collection provided by GPS tracking apps, managers have access to call information as soon as reps close their visits or synchronize their apps, allowing them to generate any reports they need.

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