Thursday, May 24, 2018

GPS Tracking for Sales Reps Can Reduce Turnover

High sales rep turnover is something that almost every business has to deal with. Experts tell us that, most times, the reasons for high employee turnover can be traced to lacking training/ mentoring and poor communication between employee and his/her manager.

Lately, with the widespread use of smartphones, many companies have been implementing GPS tracking for sales reps - mostly to know where their employees are. However, GPS tracking apps offer much more than simple location monitoring: GPS tracking for sales reps can effectively be used as a training and mentoring tool. 

Such software allows sales reps to schedule and route their daily sales calls, as well as to capture important call information, such as prospect addresses and contact details, mileage, notes, pictures, rating, etc. Managers then can review such information and detect areas for improvement.

For instance, by implementing GPS tracking for sales reps, a manager might notice that one of his reps is spending too much time in unproductive calls, consequently not completing a minimum number of calls a day and missing out on potential sales opportunities. Or that another rep is scheduling calls in areas distant from each other, spending too much time traveling between customers.

VisitEye offers straightforward GPS tracking for sales reps that is easy to implement and use, with no need for IT department assistance. It provides a mobile app for sales reps as well as a browser-based office app where managers can visually monitor which customers are being visited and run reports on sales rep activity.

Want to see how the VisitEye GPS tracking app works? Sign up today for a free trial at


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