Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Benefits of GPS Tracking for Sales Reps

Mobile technology has brought numerous benefits to field businesses in general. Specifically, it increased the communication between office and field staff. However, for outside sales reps, it came at a cost: More than ever, managers want to “keep tabs” on their team members and the constant calling ends up taking away from customer-facing time.

More recently, GPS tracking apps allowed managers to know in real-time where their sales reps are. For reps themselves, however, it might feel like their managers are constantly looking over their shoulders, especially in a profession where independence is much valued.

But GPS tracking for sales reps has many benefits too. While activity monitoring might be the main goal of GPS tracking for sales reps, the mobile apps that provide such services also come with a host of features that makes it easier for sales reps to succeed, such as:

  • Easier prospecting: GPS tracking for sales reps also means they are able to get information on new customers on the spot on their mobile devices and automatically send it to the office.
  • Route optimization: Some GPS tracking apps offer route optimization, that calculates the shortest travel distance based on the rep’s call schedule.
  • Virtually eliminates reporting: The customer call information that sales reps provide on the mobile tracking app allows managers and supervisors at the office to automatically generate reports. 
  • More sales, more commissions: The above benefits of GPS tracking for sales reps means that they will save enough time during their work day to fit in extra customer calls. As any sales person knows, more customer-facing time means more opportunities for sales.

VisitEye is an iOS and Android app that provides GPS tracking for sales reps for businesses of all sizes. It is easy to implement and use, and will allow sales reps to spend more time where they should be: In front of the customer.

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