Thursday, August 31, 2017

Visit Validation is Essential to a Sales Rep Tracking App

With the widespread use of smartphones, sales rep tracking apps are becoming more and more common. However, not all sales rep tracking apps provide visit validation.

How many times do we hear about reps spending time at a coffee shop while reporting to managers they were calling on customers? Well, visit validation allows managers and supervisors to know for sure that the field rep was physically present at the locations reported. 

VisitEye is a sales rep tracking app that provides not only visit validation, but a complete system for scheduling, routing, and monitoring sales rep activity.

With a free mobile app, downloadable from Apple’s app store or Google Play, VisitEye tracks the actual GPS coordinates of sales reps while also providing them a mobile tool for scheduling customer visits and optimizing their daily rounds. Meanwhile at the office, managers and supervisors can monitor rep activity through a web-based interface, run reports with up-to-the-minute information, and then use the information to improve rep mentoring – potentially lowering turnover rates.

See to today how visit validation works with the VisitEye sales rep tracking app – sign up today for a free trial at!

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