Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Management Now Knows How to Track Field Reps, Real Time

Field or outside sales is a type of job that appeals to people who don’t normally like to have an overreaching or “helicopter” boss. With the responsibility that comes with having to meet a monthly quota while independent from supervision, field reps have a well-deserved pride that might now be in jeopardy, since managers have learned how to track field reps in real time.

Modern GPS-tracking technology allowed for the development of mobile apps that, when installed on field reps’ phones or tablets, allow for the real-time tracking and monitoring of rep whereabouts.

This type of tool may sound wonderful for managers and supervisors, but with them knowing how to track field reps in real time, the reps themselves might feel “spied-on”.

How to overcome, then, the initial resistance of field reps in being tracked?

The answer to this question lies in the fact that mobile field rep tracking apps offer many benefits to field reps as well, among them:
  • Easy route planning and scheduling
  • Route optimization, saving travel time and mileage
  • On-the-go access to customer information
  • Streamlined customer prospecting
  • Reduced or even eliminated off-hours reporting
The above benefits of adopting a mobile tracking app end up translating into one factor that can dramatically boost sales and, therefore, field rep commission: Increased customer-facing time.

VisitEye is a field rep tracking app that has many benefits for reps and also for managers who are just learning how to track field reps in real time. VisitEye provides field rep tracking with all the essentials needed for management to get accurate rep positioning and visit verification, while allowing reps to make the best of their customer calls.

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