Monday, June 26, 2017

For Field Reps, Tracker App is a Must-Have

For field reps, tracker app is a must these days. Mobile technology brought many benefits to outside sales reps and other field staff, but only with the recent launch of tracker apps is that field reps can make the most of their mobile devices while visiting customers.

A tracker app for field reps might seem like a good deal only for “helicopter” managers, since it allows them to monitor reps from their computers. However, field reps can benefit greatly from a mobile app that tracks their activities and whereabouts in the following aspects:
  • Scheduling and route planning
    Field reps visit many customers every single day, so route planning can be tricky. A field rep tracker app makes it easy not only to access the full list of customers on the user’s territory, but also to optimize the route according to the most efficient order, distance-wise.
  • Prospecting
    Many field reps also do the hard work of prospecting clients and then providing management with the new customer details. For these field reps, tracker apps also offer the convenience of submitting new customer information electronically.
  • Reporting
    Reporting is an important yet inconvenient part of any outside rep job, where the employee spends most of – or, in some cases, all – the day away from an office and direct supervision. With a field rep tracker app, reporting time is greatly diminished, since reps are providing management information as they go through their day.
The above field rep tracker app benefits can result in increased customer-facing time, allowing field reps to make more sales and improve their customer relationships.

VisitEye is a tracker app for field reps that allows them to schedule customer visits, calculate the best route for daily rounds, and electronically file information such as mileage, visit notes, and photos.

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