Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Sales Rep GPS Tracking Improves Customer Facing Time

Sales rep GPS tracking has proven to have several benefits. By using the rep's mobile devices to track their locations and activities, managers are able to more easily identify successful strategies, as well as gaps in training. However, one surprising benefit has come out of sales rep GPS tracking: Increased customer facing time.

While it is surprising, it should be expected. When not in front of their customers, sales reps spend a lot of their time manually planning their routes and reporting their activities to management. Mobile sales rep GPS tracking allows reps to plan their daily customer rounds according to the most efficient route, as well as to automatically synchronize their activity records with management, who can then generate reports as needed.

We can then understand why, when these two main differentiators of mobile sales rep GPS tracking are put together, customer facing time is improved: By reducing travel and reporting time, reps manage to visit more customers on a single day, as well as spend more time at mission-critical accounts.

VisitEye offers a straightforward sales rep GPS tracking solution for outside sales teams that is easy to implement and use, with no need for IT department assistance. It provides a mobile app for sales reps as well as a browser-based office app where managers can visually monitor which customers are being visited.

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