Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Reducing Sales Manager Stress with Field Sales Mobile Apps

Field sales managers are constantly stressed out and anxious, trying to know what their outside reps are doing and if they are visiting the customers they are supposed to.

Recent advances in mobile technology have brought field sales mobile apps into the market. A field sales mobile app can be a powerful ally in letting sales managers know that their strategies are being implemented according to plan and, therefore, can help alleviate some of the stress and anxiety that comes with the job.

By implementing a field sales mobile app in their teams, sales managers are able to:

  • Track and monitor
    A field sales mobile app will allow managers to know where their team members are at all times and  reps to collect valuable call information, that can be then used in targeted training and mentoring and help reduce rep turnover. 
  • Optimize routes
    Field sales means a lot of driving. With a field sales mobile app, reps can optimize their customer routes and save time and money.
  • Eliminate rep reporting time
    Besides on-the-spot information collected during the sales call, a field sales mobile app also automatically captures time and location data. This allows managers to run timesheet, mileage, and other reports, meaning that reps can now do away with having to spend time filling in mandatory information, and spend more time in front of the customer, actively selling. 
VisitEye field sales mobile app is straightforward and easy to implement. It allows sales managers to take charge of their field sales operations while giving reps a tool that enables them to use their smartphones or tablets to streamline visiting and reporting.

Learn how VisitEye can turn your field sales management into a stress-free operation: Learn more at www.visiteye.com.

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