Monday, March 27, 2017

Stay on Top of Your Game with Sales Team Location Tracking

Managing an outside sales team is a complex task, especially considering that territories can be vast and sometimes cross state or even country lines. Sales managers and directors are widely known to be record-breakers when it comes to accruing airline miles.

With the help of mobile technology, sales team location tracking makes managers' - and also directors in central offices - lives much easier, by allowing them to know the whereabouts of each one of their reps and allowing them to use that information for development and mentoring.

It is easy and straightforward to implement sales team location tracking with the tools available on the wireless market. VisitEye is one such of these tools: Reps just need to load an app in their iPhone or Android device, and management will be able to track them in real time.

VisitEye offers more than sales team location tracking. It allows reps to schedule customer visits and save time by optimizing their customer rounds, as well as take notes, input mileage and timing information, take pictures, and access past visit information.

For management, in addition to real-time sales team location tracking, VisitEye makes it easy to run and filter reports on visits, timesheets, mileage, and other relevant information such as photos, and to better communicate with reps through notes and easy access to historical data.

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