Tuesday, November 29, 2016

App for Tracking Sales Reps

Outside sales managers can get overwhelmed with constantly trying to find out where their reps are on top the responsibilities of meeting revenue plans.

VisitEye app for tracking reps makes it simple and easy for managers to monitor their field team activities in real time, as well as:
  • schedule customer visits for  reps
  • GPS validate field rep activity and see when they check-in at each location 
  • collect timesheet, expense and mileage information, photo reports, and visit notes
With the VisitEye app installed on their mobile devices, field reps can:
  • plan and optimize customer rounds to save time and money
  • prospect new customers and take visit notes and pictures
  • reduce or even eliminate off-hours reporting
See for yourself how VisitEye can help you track your sales reps - sign up today for a free trial!

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