Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Sales Rep Tracking

Outside sales is a complex operation. Keeping an eye on sometimes dozens of sales reps scattered over vast territories is virtually impossible, and relying solely on after-the-fact reports can mean missing out on precious information and possibly forfeiting sales opportunities.

The widespread use of smartphones and tablets allows sales rep tracking, meaning sales reps can install an app in their mobile devices and provide management with call-by-call reports, without having to spend personal time filling out paperwork.

With a sales rep tracking system, managers and supervisors can also follow their rep's location on a map from their own laptops or desktops, whether they are at headquarters or at the regional sales office.

VisitEye provides sales rep tracking with all the essentials needed for management to get accurate rep positioning and visit verification, while allowing reps to make the best of their customer calls. The VisitEye sales rep tracking app is fully cross-platform and can be downloaded for free from Apple Store and Google Play.

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