Friday, July 29, 2016

Tracking Outside Sales Reps

Tracking outside sales reps can be a challenge. It is not only up to the sales operations manager or supervisor to keep track of outside sales reps, but sales reps have also to do their part in communicating with the sales office.

However, in order to frequently touch base with the sales office - through phone calls, emails, or messaging - outside sales reps need to take time away from actually being in front of the customer, potentially jeopardizing sales opportunities.

VisitEye is a mobile app that can be instrumental for sales managers and supervisors in tracking outside sales reps. With VisitEye, outside sales reps are able to check in and out of their sales calls with the touch of a button on their smartphones or tablets, letting the sales office know of their whereabouts and activity.

VisitEye also allows for visit scheduling, routing and taking field notes, giving sales management the confidence that they are tracking outside sales reps without reducing customer-facing time.

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