Friday, July 29, 2016

Sales Force Tracking App

There are outside sales teams of all sizes. One thing all of them have in common, though, is the need for a centralized management office, that will provide organizational support and mentoring, in addition to monitoring sales rep activities.

A sales force tracking app is the ideal tool for managing outside sales teams. With a sales force tracking app, managers and supervisors can view on their computer screens the daily activity of each sales rep on their teams including rep's current location,visit start and end times, and any visit notes the reps might have added.

The main advantage of a sales force tracking app is that sales reps do not have to take time from their customer-related activities to call or message the office. With a sales force tracking app, the communication is easily done on the rep's Apple or Android smartphone.

VisitEye sales force tracking app is a simple and easy-to-use mobile application. It can be downloaded for free on Google Play and App Store and provides both sales managers and reps useful scheduling features, as well as routing and check-in/check-out tools.

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