Thursday, May 24, 2018

GPS Tracking for Sales Reps Can Reduce Turnover

High sales rep turnover is something that almost every business has to deal with. Experts tell us that, most times, the reasons for high employee turnover can be traced to lacking training/ mentoring and poor communication between employee and his/her manager.

Lately, with the widespread use of smartphones, many companies have been implementing GPS tracking for sales reps - mostly to know where their employees are. However, GPS tracking apps offer much more than simple location monitoring: GPS tracking for sales reps can effectively be used as a training and mentoring tool. 

Such software allows sales reps to schedule and route their daily sales calls, as well as to capture important call information, such as prospect addresses and contact details, mileage, notes, pictures, rating, etc. Managers then can review such information and detect areas for improvement.

For instance, by implementing GPS tracking for sales reps, a manager might notice that one of his reps is spending too much time in unproductive calls, consequently not completing a minimum number of calls a day and missing out on potential sales opportunities. Or that another rep is scheduling calls in areas distant from each other, spending too much time traveling between customers.

VisitEye offers straightforward GPS tracking for sales reps that is easy to implement and use, with no need for IT department assistance. It provides a mobile app for sales reps as well as a browser-based office app where managers can visually monitor which customers are being visited and run reports on sales rep activity.

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Friday, April 27, 2018

Adopting GPS Tracking for Merchandisers Means Increasing Compliance

Managers who oversee teams of merchandisers have a tough job: Supervising a geographically scattered workforce is hard by itself, and the need to verify attendance and workload compliance only adds to the complexity.

GPS tracking for merchandisers can greatly assist managers in increasing staff compliance with work standards and daily tasks. It only takes installing an app on the rep's mobile devices, and managers will be able to monitor their teams throughout the day.

Beyond simple GPS tracking for merchandisers, such applications also provide several other benefits that can greatly improve productivity, among them:
  • Visit validation - Most important of all, a GPS tracking app is able to validate each visit to stores by confirming that the merchandiser was physically present at the location at the time of the visit.
  • Visit planning and routing - More than simple location monitoring, a complete GPS tracking app will also allow merchandisers to schedule their store visits and route them in the most time-effective way.
  • On-the-spot reporting - One of the great advantages of a GPS tracking for merchandisers is the virtual elimination of paper reports and off-hours reporting. Reps will use the mobile app to notify their supervisors of their daily visits, along with information on mileage, expenses, notes, and pictures.
VisitEye is an easy-to-implement GPS tracking app that offers all the benefits listed above at an affordable price. The VisitEye mobile app is available as a free download both for Apple and Android devices, allowing workers to use their own smartphones or tablets.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

VisitEye Benefits for Businesses

You might now that many businesses are implementing GPS tracking for outside teams. It is tempting to simply go ahead and adopt any new technology that becomes available just for the perceived advantages that it will bring to our day-to-day lives, but do you actually know the actual benefits for business of GPS tracking technology?

Let us show you how GPS tracking with VisitEye benefits your business:

  1. Know at all times where your field employees are
    This is the most obvious benefit of GPS tracking. Knowing the location throughout the day of sales reps, service technicians, or delivery teams will allow managers to increase supervision and improve training.
  2. Save time and travel expenses
    GPS tracking apps such as VisitEye benefits businesses by allowing mobile users to calculate the shortest route for their scheduled visits, saving in travel time and expenses.
  3. Eliminate paperwork
    One of the greatest advantages of mobile data collection is the reduction of paperwork. With VisitEye, reps can fill in information on visit outcome, mileage, expenses, and even take pictures and collect signatures – all from their mobile devices. This information is then automatically shared with management upon closing the visit, thus fully eliminating the need for paper reports.
  4. Boost sales
    All of the above VisitEye benefits for businesses translate in the most well-known way to increase sales: maximizing customer-facing time. By reducing wasted time on travel and reporting, as well as improving training, field staff will be able to squeeze in their schedule a couple more customer calls every day, as well as improve on the quality of the calls.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Why is Sales Rep Tracking App a Hit with Outside Teams?

Sales people in general hate supervision. As a career that requires an independent personality from professionals, outside sales attracts people that are naturally wary of extra supervision.

So how come outside sales teams tend to love rep-tracking apps?

Well, some would think that the only function of such an application is to monitor GPS positioning throughout the day. However, sales rep tracking apps do more than that:  They are a de-facto mobile sales call interface.

With a sales rep tracking app such as VisitEye, outside salespeople can plan their daily visits, optimize their routes in order to save time and mileage, register new prospects, and also report on performed activities.

Taking these extra features of sales rep tracking apps into account, one can see how professionals that value independence will appreciate the freedom from off-hours reporting as well as the extra empowerment that comes with being able to better control their schedule.

VisitEye is a sales rep tracking app designed specifically for businesses that rely on professionals such as outside sales reps, retail auditors, inspectors, etc. VisitEye offers a straightforward solution for field staff tracking that is easy to implement and use, with no need for IT department assistance.

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Friday, January 12, 2018

3 Benefits of a Mobile GPS Tracker for Employees

Mobile technology brought many benefits to businesses, most importantly the ability to contact field employees throughout the day. However, it has been only in the past ten years – since the advent of smartphones – that management really started seeing the real advantages of mobile technology.

With smartphones came phone email capabilities and the Apple and Android apps that allowed employees to stay in touch with the office even without access to a computer. More recently, mobile GPS trackers for employees have been developed.

But why would employees want a GPS tracking app to be installed on their phones? It happens that a GPS tracker for employees has several advantages, both for management and workforce alike:

  1. Scheduling and routing capabilities
    Besides the standard location capabilities, many GPS trackers for employees also include scheduling and routing features, which simplify daily planning and can save travelling time and mileage in the process.
  2. Less wasted time on reporting
    Ask any field employee what they dislike the most about their job and, chances are, most of them will mention the mandatory reporting on their workday activities. Some GPS tracker apps, such as VisitEye, include the capability of capturing relevant data including mileage, expenses, notes, and even photos. This feature alone can completely do away with after-hours reporting.
  3. Mentoring opportunity
    Finally, more than a monitoring tool, a GPS tracker for employees is a mentoring tool. By knowing the employees whereabouts throughout the day and receiving visit information in real time, managers can better manage and mentor their subordinates, resulting in better performance and lower turnover.

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

How A GPS Tracker for Merchandisers Can Help You Reduce Costs Due to Expense Reporting Errors

Managing a team of merchandisers can be overwhelming. From scheduling to feedback and reporting, there are several steps that need to be taken so the whole process can run smoothly and error-free.

One of the main issues that managers constantly face are expense reporting errors. Those happen because, most of the time, merchandisers only report their mileage at the end of a time-period – normally weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly – and rarely do they keep tabs on their daily activities, much less on individual store visits.

A GPS tracker for merchandisers can reduce or even eliminate those reporting errors. With a GPS tracker for merchandisers, management not only can monitor the location of their teams throughout the day, but those mobile apps also allow merchandising reps to input mileage and expense information for every single visit.

Additionally, the information provided by individual team members can be audited for accuracy by comparing the reported mileage with the coordinate mapping displayed on the admin interface of the GPS tracker.

VisitEye is a GPS tracker for merchandisers that allows them to schedule customer visits, calculate the best route for daily rounds, and electronically file information such as mileage, visit notes, and photos.

VisitEye offers a straightforward merchandiser GPS tracking solution for outside teams that is easy to implement and use, with no need for IT department assistance. It provides a mobile app for merchandisers as well as a browser-based office app where managers can visually monitor which customers are being visited and if the team member is actually at their reported locations.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Benefits of GPS Tracking for Sales Reps

Mobile technology has brought numerous benefits to field businesses in general. Specifically, it increased the communication between office and field staff. However, for outside sales reps, it came at a cost: More than ever, managers want to “keep tabs” on their team members and the constant calling ends up taking away from customer-facing time.

More recently, GPS tracking apps allowed managers to know in real-time where their sales reps are. For reps themselves, however, it might feel like their managers are constantly looking over their shoulders, especially in a profession where independence is much valued.

But GPS tracking for sales reps has many benefits too. While activity monitoring might be the main goal of GPS tracking for sales reps, the mobile apps that provide such services also come with a host of features that makes it easier for sales reps to succeed, such as:

  • Easier prospecting: GPS tracking for sales reps also means they are able to get information on new customers on the spot on their mobile devices and automatically send it to the office.
  • Route optimization: Some GPS tracking apps offer route optimization, that calculates the shortest travel distance based on the rep’s call schedule.
  • Virtually eliminates reporting: The customer call information that sales reps provide on the mobile tracking app allows managers and supervisors at the office to automatically generate reports. 
  • More sales, more commissions: The above benefits of GPS tracking for sales reps means that they will save enough time during their work day to fit in extra customer calls. As any sales person knows, more customer-facing time means more opportunities for sales.

VisitEye is an iOS and Android app that provides GPS tracking for sales reps for businesses of all sizes. It is easy to implement and use, and will allow sales reps to spend more time where they should be: In front of the customer.

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