Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Increasing Productivity with Field Force Automation Solutions

Field force productivity is an issue at many companies since it is so difficult to keep track of team members while they are making customer calls during the workday. It is well known in most industries that outside reps, techs, and drivers have high turnover rates due to reasons that range from poor compliance to dissatisfaction with management.

Low performance and high turnover do not have to seem the inevitable outcome, though, as mobile technology can provide a viable way for managers to improve supervision while letting team members do their work.

Field force automation solutions consist of a mobile app installed on each team member's mobile device and an office interface for supervisors and management, this one usually browser-based.

On the mobile app, field staff can:

  • schedule calls and plan their calendars;
  • optimize routes;
  • record call information, such as mileage, notes, and even take pictures;
  • access customer information and history.

Meanwhile, office support and management can monitor field routes and generate real-time call and activity reports.

VisitEye is an easy-to-implement field force automation solution that offers all the capabilities listed above at an affordable price. The VisitEye mobile app is available as a free download both for Apple and Android devices, allowing field staff to use their own smartphones or tablets.

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Monday, September 16, 2019

The Extra Benefits of Implementing App for Tracking Sales Reps

Implementing an app for tracking sales reps is viewed in most businesses as a top-down act from managers so they can monitor field personnel.

However, there is a lot more to these apps than just tracking reps, and they can actually be an efficient solution in helping increase customer-facing time and boosting sales.

When a business implements an app for tracking sales reps, field professionals gain the ability to:

  • Schedule calls and follow-ups on their mobile devices for many weeks in advance.
  • Optimize routes, calculating the shortest route for each day based on their starting location.
  • Record call notes even before they are finished interacting with the customer, leading to more accurate communication as well as reporting.
  • Take important pictures during the call, such as of actual product usage, damaged goods for reporting, customer requirements for proposals, etc.
  • Access customer information, alternative contacts, existing proposals or contracts, list of installed assets, among others.
  • Access customer call history while on the road. 

VisitEye is an app for tracking sales reps that is easy to implement and use, with no need for IT department assistance. It provides a mobile app for sales reps (available for Apple and Android) as well as a browser-based office app where managers can visually monitor which customers are being visited and run reports on sales rep activity.

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Friday, May 31, 2019

Increasing Accountability with Field Employee Tracking App

Field employee accountability is a controversial issue. While subordinates might feel that they are losing some of their freedom with extra supervision, on the other hand, management has a legal obligation to track their hours as well as activities.

A field employee tracking app can be extremely beneficial to both sides of the employment relationship. With such app installed on staff's mobile devices, management can automatically view their whereabouts during the workday, with minimal input from them.

Additionally, with a field employee tracking app managers will have automatic access to customer calls and route information through spreadsheet and map reports, meaning that they can stop continuously trying to reach their subordinates to learn about their activities - or expecting their calls. This alone can have a profound impact on employee accountability since they will stop feeling that their boss is "nagging" them for information every step of the way while making a better job of letting managers know details of their team's activities.

VisitEye is an easy-to-implement field employee tracking app that offers, besides the benefits listed above, visit scheduling, route planning, on-the-go access to customer information, photo reports, and more, at an affordable price. The VisitEye mobile app is available as a free download both for Apple and Android devices, allowing workers to use their own smartphones or tablets.

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Thursday, February 28, 2019

3 Top Reasons Why Field Management Software Works

Many businesses with outside staff are implementing field management software, especially due to the convenience of having an online tool to schedule customer calls that will be retrieved on the staff's mobile devices.

But beyond that, field management software can be a complete solution not only for scheduling but also for routing and reporting on customer calls, as well as a way to monitor the whereabouts of outside teams.

The most important reasons why field management software works are the following:

#1 GPS monitoring
GPS monitoring is the main reason why businesses implement field management software in the first place. It is only natural for supervisors to want to know the location of their team members throughout the day and a passive monitoring system through a mobile app saves a lot of time in phone calls and text messages.

#2 Reduced reporting time
It might seem counterintuitive, but implementing field management software actually reduces reporting time. While managers can generate more reports on team member activity, the time it takes to input data by those is greatly reduced since it is either done on a mobile app or captured automatically.

#3 Increased accountability
After GPS monitoring and reduced reporting time, the one thing that management notices by adopting field management software is the increased accountability from outside staff. This, in turn, will also help in improving the bottom-line and reducing employee turnover.

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Monday, February 11, 2019

How Does Sales Tracking Software Impact Rep Performance?

Sales tracking software has been getting many reviews these days, mostly positive and sometimes not so much. With the widespread use of these tools, sales reps have been vocal about feeling like they have "helicopter managers", especially considering that outside sales tends to attract people who value working independently.

But when managers look into rep performance after implementing sales tracking software, they will notice that the results are well worth it. The reasons why such an impact is noticeable are the following:

  • Increased compliance: With sales tracking software, it becomes virtually impossible for reps to skip customer visits or to incorrectly report their whereabouts due to the GPS monitoring capabilities of such apps.
  • Less downtime between calls and fuel savings: One of the best features of the more advanced sales tracking software solutions is that they allow reps to calculate the shortest customer route for the day and save travel time and fuel.
  • More sales: More customer-facing time means more opportunities for sales. With increased compliance and reduced travel time between calls, reps might add one or two more calls per day, therefore increasing their chances of closing more deals.
  • Sales rep satisfaction: Yes, that is correct. More than independent personalities, outside sales reps enjoy selling and receiving their commissions. 

So, while sales tracking software might be opposite to their nature, sales reps quickly see that such solutions greatly benefit their bottom line, with the added benefit of drastically reducing the time they spend reporting their activities.

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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Sales Force Tracking Improves Bottom Line

There are many benefits to sales force tracking, from increased rep accountability to more informative reporting, but many businesses are discovering that something as simple as an app on the rep's smartphones can greatly improve their bottom lines.

The reasons for that is that sales force tracking apps work on both sides of the bottom line: While helping increase revenues, they also are also powerful allies in reducing costs.

Sales force tracking apps help increase revenues by allowing reps to squeeze in more customer calls every day since they are able to optimize their routes and save in travel time. Also, they improve management oversight, therefore, as already mentioned, increasing rep accountability and compliance.

On the other hand, the same route optimization capabilities of sales force tracking apps help in reducing costs by calculating the shortest customer route in any given day. Less obvious savings come from the increased engagement between management and reps, resulting in better training, mentoring, and consequently reduced turnover rates.

VisitEye is an easy-to-implement sales force tracking system that offers all the benefits listed above. The VisitEye mobile app is available as a free download both for Apple and Android devices, allowing reps to use their own smartphones or tablets.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Tracking Field Sales Reps - GPS Monitoring Software

Tracking field sales reps with GPS monitoring software has become the norm in business since is mutually beneficial for managers and reps.

With a GPS monitoring software, managers know the location of field reps throughout the day and which customers are being visited, while reps will increase their customer-facing time by saving in planning, travel, and reporting time.

But, when looking into tracking field sales reps, which capabilities should managers look for in a GPS monitoring software package? It is easy to get lost in the options readily available in the market, so we have compiled a list of features managers should look for:

  • Compatibility - Depending on their contract, outside sales reps might be independent from the company they represent and therefore use their own smartphones and/or tablets. Therefore,  GPS monitoring apps must be compatible across devices and operating systems, running seamlessly in both Android and Apple devices.
  • Scheduling – GPS monitoring software must provide call scheduling options both for mobile users (reps) and supervisors/ managers alike.
  • Routing – Some apps for tracking field sales reps also offer optimized routing, allowing reps to calculate the shortest route for their daily visits, and saving travel time and mileage.
  • Data capture options – More than simple geographic coordinate capturing, GPS monitoring software must let users collect GPS and time-stamped data such as notes, pictures, and signatures.
  • Reporting options Tracking field sales reps / GPS monitoring software is all about managers and supervisors easily running and exporting reports on visit data, GPS coordinates, and timesheets, and the ideal solution provides that.
  • Easy territory transition – One of the biggest issues in any organization with field sales reps is turnover. Therefore, a solution for tracking field sales reps must be able to easily transition territories, as well as allow for unlimited free downloads of its mobile app.

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